Hello everyone!

Here is the homepage of the Pokkarishita Translation Project!

I created “top pages” for each year. I’ll see if I can put a summary of each year articles on each year page.

Let me know if you want some special functions, I’ll try to find them ^^

- Len -


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Pokkarishita Translation Project!!! The objective of this project is to attempt to gather and translate all of Yoko Kanno’s Pokkarishita articles, which are writings of Kanno previously published monthly in the Newtype magazine from the years 1999-2006. These articles surely contain a wealth of information about her way of thinking and her daily life, so having them translated should provide much insight about her. Many of these articles have been translated in Chinese, and we believe it’s high time we had these in English too!

This project will have two phases:

Phase 1: Gathering – current phase
Find all the scans, transcriptions, and translations already available in the internet. Please publicize the project in your blogs if you have one that it’s suitable to be published in, and ask for help!
Phase 2: Translation – starts May 1, 2010
The translation proper, assigning of articles, etc.

For now, we have various scans of the articles, some transcripts, and some translations, and we need your help! We need researchers and Japanese to English or Chinese to English translators. Our over-all project status is tracked in the “Project Tracking” link in the sidebar.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and volunteered, here’s to the success of this pursuit!

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